Site Loading and Dashboard Access Problems

Troubleshoot and fix the White Screen of Death (WSOD)
Service includes:
  • Diagnose and fix a WordPress site that resolves to a blank white page
Unable to login / Reset password
Service includes:
  • Manually reset a user’s password from the Dashboard
  • If needed, diagnose and fix a user’s inability to access the Dashboard from the login screen
Login screen not loading
Service includes:
  • Access the site through the backend and debug the loading issue and implement the solution
Very slow to load
Service includes:
  • Run performance tests to see where the loading issue lies and debug the causation
Dashboard appears broken
Service includes:
  • Test plugin configuration and review compatibility issues to find the cause of the issue
500 Server Errors
Service includes:
  • Review the .htaccess files for inconsistency and issues
  • If needed, perform server-side testing and debug the error codes
Other Server Errors
Service includes:
  • Server-side scanning and testing to find broken areas and dead ends

WordPress Security Concerns

Malware removal
Service includes:
  • Site-wide scanning + database file scanning + front end media file scanning
  • Quarantining all malicious files found
Site hacked
Service includes:
  • The site, server, and media file scanning. Posts, pages, comments, backdoor and user review. Quarantine and removal of all malicious files and user found
Google “Unsafe Site” error
Service includes:
Google Tag Manager configuration review and setup
Remove unknown users, stop repeated login attempts and brute force attacks
Service includes:
  • Site review and removal of all malicious activity, installing security defenses and removing any backdoor access
HTTP/HTTPS Mixed Content errors
Service includes:
  • Review page content for unsecured links and change link origins to secure access
Removing and stopping spam comments and spam contact form submissions (CAPTCHA/honeypot install)
Service includes:
  • Installing CAPTCHA tools and a Honeypot spam filter feature