Speed Increase (based off of recommendations)

Setup free CDN Cloudflare
Service includes:
  • Setup and configure the website to Cloudflare, configuring the DNS records, and changing nameservers to point to Cloudflare
Bulk optimize images
Service includes:
  • Implementing an image resize and optimize tool to the site and configure it to optimize the bulk of images
JS and CSS Minification
Service includes:
  • Implementing a code minification tool to the website and configuring it to shorten specific code on the site
Move to managed hosting
Service includes:
  • Communicating with the selected managed hosting platform and providing them with the necessary information and assets to move the site from the old host
Setup page caching (i.e. WP Rocket)
Service includes:
  • Implementing a new plugin tool to the site and configuring it to the site for best performance
Setup server-level caching (i.e. SiteGround SuperCacher)
Service includes:
  • Accessing the server and configuring the site to include the caching support
Removal of unneeded plugins
Service includes:
  • Reviewing all currently installed plugin on the site and having our developers determine what is necessary and what can be removed to free space and make the site more secure

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Improvements

SEO Audit and recommendations preparation
Service includes:
  • Site review of Keywords, meta descriptions, post and page titles, H1 and H2 titles, tag, author, and categories
  • Recommended list of action items to increase organic search and search engine rankings
Install and setup Yoast/RankMath SEO plugin
Service includes:
  • Installing and configuring the Yoast SEO plugin to the site
Install SSL
Service includes:
  • Implementing the SSL certificate into the site
  • Configuring the mixed HTTP content to HTTPS

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) / User Engagement

Connect site to CRM (Hubspot, SalesForce, Pardot)
Service includes:
  • Implementing the CRM API key to the website and configuring the CRM options
Setup donation form
Service includes:
  • Implementing a payment collection tool and content into a specified webpage
Setup email marketing signup form
Service includes:
  • Implementing an email input form and configuring it to send to your contact client list or specified CRM
Setup Live Chat widget
Service includes:
  • Implementing a 3rd party Live Chat tool and configuring it to your website and notification system
Setup cart recovery
Service includes:
  • Implementing cookie based cart tracking history tools and configuring them to the website
Setup coupon system
Service includes:
  • Adding an additional field of information entry on the ‘Cart’ or ‘Checkout’ page and configuring it to provide price discounts from specified responses
Setup A/B Conversion Test (different text, colors, messaging, images, etc., for effectiveness)
Service includes:
  • Utilizing Google Optimization tools and implementing a conversion test based off of the current site and a recommended change
  • A full detailed report of the two different sites visitors experienced and recommended actions based on that information