Administrative Updates

Troubleshoot upload issues
Service includes:
  • Testing different file types and sizes then reviewing database information to ensure correct configuration and connection
Setup redirects
Service includes:
  • Add redirects through the control panel of the site and test functionality
Bulk image optimization
Service includes:
  • Compressing file size and optimizing images for web-view in mass
Add or update a favicon
Service includes:
  • Implementing a favicon image to the sites core information
Move or edit files on the server
Service includes:
  • Accessing the backend and database of the website and directly modify the images on the server

WordPress Admin

Update WordPress Core
Service includes:
  • Backup of the current site, compatibility check, and then manually updating the WP core files with testing included
Update plugins
Service includes:
  • Backup of the current site, plugin update compatibility review and manual plugin update with testing included
Install, activate a plugin
Service includes:
  • Backup of the current site, file download, and installation, and configuration of a plugin with testing included
Update, activate, or reset WordPress permalinks
Service includes:
  • Backend website access and testing to re-configure permalinks
Add, remove, or update users
Service includes:
  • WordPress backend access to add, remove, or change users and access

Server-level Changes

Block/limit access to the site by IP address (.htaccess edit)
Service includes:
  • Writing custom blocking IP code in the internal .htaccess folder
Setup password to access the site (.htaccess edit)
Service includes:
  • Accessing the .htaccess folder through the backend of the website and creating a new user and password
Setup Cron job
Service includes:
  • Accessing the cPanel and configuring the Cron job to the specified request
Setup SSH keypair
Service includes:
  • Accessing the terminal and creating a new SSH key and then uploading that to your site directory
Zip or unzip files on the server
Service includes:
  • Gather all necessary files and compress them into a secure .zip file
  • Unzip the specified folder and place files onto the server
Move files from one folder to another
Service includes:
  • Gathering specified files and transferring them to a specified location
Retrieve media files disconnected from WordPress media manager
Service includes:
  • Accessing backend database files and locating the specified media file, re-upload that file to the destined server file

Theme Changes

Troubleshoot theme display errors
Service includes:
  • Debug the code issues within the theme display, access the files and fix the issue
Setup and configure existing theme feature
Service includes:
  • Configure the theme settings in the Theme Options or Customizer
Install and configure a widget (common widgets in sidebar/footer include…)
Service includes:
  • Implementing a new widget to the sites existing framework and configuring it to specification
Update copyright year
Service includes:
  • Accessing the sites template files and adding a custom PHP script or accessing the site’s widgets and adding a custom JS script
Update menu items
Service includes:
  • Accessing the site’s setup configuration and manually change the Menu options
Update header/footer text or images
Service includes:
  • Accessing the header or footer widgets and implementing the requested text or images and formatting them for correct display

Content Updates

Add a post or update a blog entry
Service includes:
  • Creating a new post and implementing the content with formatting
  • Or updating an existing post and editing the content within
Create or update a page
Service includes:
  • Creating a new page and publishing it to the live site
  • Or accessing an existing page to edit the content within and publish the changes live
Upload and post an image
Service includes:
  • Downloading and uploading content directly to the post or implementing it through the media file
Crop or light photo manipulation
Service includes:
  • Downloading the media file and editing it with Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop until the correct display is captured
Setup image gallery
Service includes:
  • Implementing a custom plugin and uploading and configuring all the media files to the media folder to display
Edit author, category, and tags
Service includes:
  • Changing the original post author, category, or adding tags to the post
Setup redirection rules
Service includes:
  • Accessing the backend website configuration and adding redirect rules to the .htaccess folder

Measuring Site Performance

Setup and install Google Analytics
Service includes:
  • Creating a Google Analytics code and implementing the code to the header.php file of the website
Setup site-specific goal tracking (funnel, time on site, getting to thank you page, other “KPIs”)
Service includes:
  • Walkthrough configuration of visitor actions, configuring goal variables, and implementing the actions live
Set up weekly or monthly emailed custom traffic/goal report
Service includes:
  • Accessing the Admin configuration of the specified campaign and configuring it to send notifications on a specified basis
Setup on-page heatmap tracking
Service includes:
  • Implementing unique HTML code into the header code of the website

Database Management

Find & Replace
Service includes:
  • Locating specific words, characters, or symbols and removing them or replacing them
Fix database connection
Service includes:
  • Debugging the database disconnection issue and accessing the .wp-config file to re-establish a connection
Import or export database
Service includes:
  • Accessing the server backend through phpMyAdmin, downloading the existing database and exporting it to a specified location
  • Accessing the server backend through phpMyAdmin, uploading existing database files and ensuring they are connecting properly
Optimize database
Service includes:
  • Reviewing the database files and cleaning up unused/outdated files, run optimize based tools to compress files, reviewing database for areas of improvement/optimization
Find content disconnected from WordPress frontend
Service includes:
  • Accessing the backend website database and reviewing folders for hidden content and files, then re-uploading them to front end database files